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A global veterinary health organization that cares unlike any other

At Mars Veterinary Health, we are dedicated to advancing the veterinary profession and living our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. Through our growing global network of over 2,500 veterinary clinics and hospitals in over 20 countries, we make industry-leading pet care available for more than 25 million pet visits every year.

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force for good

Through our robust and diverse partnerships and being part of the Mars, Incorporated family, we support over 70,000 Associates, including 15,000 veterinarians and 12,000 veterinary nurses. We provide the tools and resources they need to deliver the highest quality veterinary care and develop their careers.

Working closely with our teams, we help them to leverage our knowledge, resources and position in the industry for the good of pets, communities, and the advancement of the veterinary profession.

Influencing the future of the veterinary profession

As well as the many proud moments and reasons there are to celebrate what we do – the quality of care, the scientific breakthroughs, our compassion, our camaraderie – we also understand the challenges that are common across our profession – inclusion and diversity, compassion fatigue, difficulty finding work-life balance and in some places, student debt.

That is why everything we do is aligned with creating value for veterinary professionals, pet owners and the millions of pets that come into our care every year.

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The world’s pets depend on our continued progress

The 25 million pets that visit our clinics and hospitals every year depend on our continued progress. From the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, to groundbreaking studies using our phenomenal data platform, we equip our veterinarians with all that they need to achieve our Purpose.

Together, we're improving the health and wellbeing of pets globally

Together with WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, we empower and collaborate with our veterinary teams to make new scientific breakthroughs and advance careers through continued learning. Our science and clinical studies programs help every one of our veterinary professionals to grow, get involved and contribute to the cutting edge care that every pet needs throughout their lifetime.

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With so many career pathways to explore at Mars Veterinary Health you can be sure to find an opportunity to do what you love.

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