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At Mars Veterinary Health, we are passionate about creating a world where pets are happier, healthier and welcomed. Every day is an opportunity for us to work towards the world we want and we couldn’t do it without our team of talented, enthusiastic and dedicated veterinary teams around the world.

We’re diverse, bold, optimistic and committed to our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. Come join us and help us make a difference.

Mars Veterinary Health Advancing Pet Care

A world of opportunity awaits you

With our global reach, local delivery, and a connected network of veterinary practices, there are many career pathways for you to explore at Mars Veterinary Health. From general practice and primary care, through specialty, emergency, and critical care, to diagnostics, digital health, management and leadership roles - while we offer a continuum of care for pets - you have an opportunity to do what you love.

Innovating how we learn and teach

Through our continued investment in training, education and wellbeing programs and initiatives, we help you to grow personally and professionally, achieve your career aspirations and deliver unparalleled quality care.

Our portfolio of programs is elaborate, diverse and optimized to meet learning objectives of more than 70,000 veterinary professionals globally – across various types of practices, roles, levels of experience and areas of interest. But at its core, our educational pathways are about people, ambition and discovering and nurturing potential. Through the delivery of these programs, it is our aspiration to change lives and reinvent the profession through education.

Mars Veterinary Health Advancing Pet Care

The Five Principles

The Five Principles form the foundation of how we do business today and every day. The long-term future of our business and the planet depends on us to stand for more and take bold action. That’s why we take every opportunity to make a positive impact in this ever-changing world by leveraging our guiding philosophy that has always differentiated us — The Five Principles.

We put The Five Principles at the center of every decision we make. This means:

  1. We are committed to Quality of work and contributions to society.
  2. We embrace our Responsibility (as individuals and a company) to act now.
  3. We base decisions on Mutuality of benefit to our stakeholders.
  4. We harness the power of Efficiency to use resources to maximum effect.
  5. We have the financial Freedom to make our own decisions, unrestricted by the motivations of others.
Mars Veterinary Health Giving Back

Giving back

Giving back is in our nature. Every Mars Veterinary Health Associate has the opportunity to do amazing work through our Mars Volunteer Program and Mars Ambassador Program. Additionally, our charitable arms help to transform the lives of pets and people by enabling access to veterinary care and supporting over 1,300 shelter partners. Our Care Knows No Boundaries program helps our U.S.-based veterinarians and veterinary nurses to provide care to pets and animals in need around the world by funding their travel.

Our individual differences make us stronger and better

Mars Veterinary Health is a community of people characterized by diversity of thought, backgrounds, preferences, and approaches, and we are bonded together by our commitment to our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. Our pledge, achieved through the health and wellbeing of our Associates, is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves, so that we can find value in our differences. As we listen to and learn from each other, we enrich ourselves and our communities.

Vet Roles

Nobody knows what it’s like to work for Mars Veterinary Health better than our Associates. Explore our vet roles to discover where a career at Mars Veterinary Health could take you.

Name - Joana Batallé

Business - Anicura

Job title - Nurse Coordinator

How did you get to your role? I have a degree in Fine Arts but have always been passionate about animals. I am devoted to helping them.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love helping everyone. As the link between veterinarian and client, I provide peace of mind, trust and compassion to pet owners and their dear four-legged friends. Being able to gain a cat’s trust is a huge achievement.

We’re all in this together

We believe that wellness should always be a priority — and that means investing in every Associate through expanded resources and benefits. As caregivers, we understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. We also understand the challenges you may be faced with as a veterinary professional and are constantly expanding our support tools and resources to create a sustainable culture of health and wellbeing. We’ll be here to support you, no matter what so that you can embrace each new day with optimism and energy.

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With so many career pathways to explore at Mars Veterinary Health you can be sure to find an opportunity to do what you love.

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