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Dec, 2023

Advancing Equity, Inclusion & Diversity in the Veterinary Profession

Currently, the veterinary profession is not representative of society. To increase diversity in the field and ensure that we are representative of pet enthusiasts broadly, Mars Veterinary Health and our businesses are committed to changing how equity, inclusion, and diversity (EI&D) are championed within our organization and across the veterinary profession. EI&D initiatives across Mars […]

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Aug, 2023

Tackling the Veterinary Professional Shortage

Like many others, Mars Veterinary Health believes the industry is facing a chronic shortage of veterinary professionals. To understand the scope, we enlisted the help of a researcher to quantify the shortage as it relates to companion animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary specialists—and begin to identify industry-wide solutions. Key findings from the studies include: […]

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Apr, 2023

Mars Veterinary Health, AVMA, and industry leaders unveil the Positive Pet Care Guide

New industry-wide resource aims to strengthen relationship between veterinary teams and pet owners in support of delivering high-quality care to pets VANCOUVER, Wash., April 11, 2023 – Today, an industry-wide working group led by Mars Veterinary Health and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) released the Positive Pet Care Guide – a new resource aimed […]

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Mar, 2023

Mars Veterinary Health Appoints Dr. Molly McAllister as Chief Medical Officer

VANCOUVER, Wash., March 24, 2023 – Mars Veterinary Health, a division of Mars Petcare, named Molly McAllister, DVM, MPH as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). In this role, Molly will shape quality veterinary care across Mars Veterinary Health’s network of nearly 3,000 veterinary clinics and hospitals around the world. Molly joins Mars Veterinary Health after 10 […]

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Jul, 2022

Mars Veterinary Health position on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Mars Veterinary Health recognizes that prevention of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is of the utmost importance for the protection of human and animal health. As such, measures to reduce the incidence of AMR are a priority for our veterinary leaders. In this regard, we are committed to:   Working together to support the leadership of AMR-related programs with the […]

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Aug, 2021

People, pets, and the planet: Mars Veterinary Health announces plans for 100% renewable electricity for all 2,000+ U.S. hospitals 

Did you know that the average vet visit uses enough electricity to power more than 600 smartphones?    When we consider that nearly 11 million new pets were welcomed into U.S. households in 2020, the need for sustainability in pet ownership is more vital than ever.   We recognize the expectation from our clients and Associates that Mars Veterinary Health (MVH) works to […]

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Mar, 2021

Using RenalTech™ to improve CKD outcomes

Recent updates to International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) guidelines for chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats identify new strategies to delay disease progression. However, this requires finding disease before kidney damage is present, which continues to be a challenge. RenalTechTM is a predictive diagnostic tool that allows veterinarians to address CKD proactively, before kidney damage […]

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Mar, 2021

The use of antibiotics has declined by almost 50 percent in AniCura’s European veterinary hospitals

In a five-year period, the use of antibiotics in AniCura’s veterinary hospitals and clinics in Europe has declined with almost 50 percent. This is shown in the yearly survey conducted by AniCura, one of Europe’s leading high-quality veterinary care providers. The study is presented in connection with World Antibiotics Awareness Week, a global initiative to […]

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Feb, 2021

Mars Veterinary Health position on elective declaw surgery

Every medical procedure supported by our veterinary practices has been put in place with the health and wellbeing of pets in mind. This includes elective declawing procedures. We believe that every pet owner has the responsibility for providing a safe and supportive home for their animal that enables appropriate expression of natural behaviors and fully […]

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Feb, 2021

How genetics can help us understand and love our pets better

Love is always on our minds when February comes around and Love Your Pet Day is no exception. A key part of loving our pets is making sure they’re well-taken care of in all aspects of their life. Our researchers are working together with other research teams across Mars Petcare to advance pets’ wellness, health […]

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Jan, 2021

Bringing New Insights to Light at VCA

Harnessing the caseload and data generated by more than 1,000 practices offers so many opportunities for clinical studies. And the outcomes offer rewards for the doctors and teams who do the work—and for the practitioners and patients who benefit from new and cutting-edge information. It’s obviously a huge investment in our profession, and I think […]

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Dec, 2020

Nine Ways to Keep Pets Safe Amid an Arctic Blast

An Arctic blast—the most significant of the season—is poised to send temperatures plunging in much of the western and central U.S. this week. As the icy air mass settles and possible rounds of snow fall across parts of the Upper Midwest, veterinarians at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital are advising pet owners to take […]

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Nov, 2020

Understanding the Health Risks of Obesity

Overweight and obesity are occurring in epidemic proportions in our pets. According to Banfield’s Applied Research and Knowledge Team, in the past ten years, diagnoses have increased 158% in dogs and 169% in cats. The conditions are linked to numerous other diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, so maintaining a healthy weight is about […]

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Sep, 2019

Mars Veterinary Health position on Cannabinoid Medicine

There is emerging evidence that cannabinoids have potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits for use in veterinary medicine. Mars Veterinary Health believes that use in companion animals should be predicated upon sound scientific understanding of the endogenous endocannabinoid system, its role and effects within the body, and its interactions with exogenous cannabinoids.  The scientific investigation of […]

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