Sep, 2019

Mars Veterinary Health position on Cannabinoid Medicine

There is emerging evidence that cannabinoids have potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits for use in veterinary medicine. Mars Veterinary Health believes that use in companion animals should be predicated upon sound scientific understanding of the endogenous endocannabinoid system, its role and effects within the body, and its interactions with exogenous cannabinoids. 

The scientific investigation of cannabinoids continues to be a fluid, dynamic and developing area in both veterinary and human medicine. Mars Veterinary Health is interested in and receptive to exploring the therapeutic uses of cannabinoids within the legal and regulatory framework surrounding their use in veterinary patients. 

Mars Veterinary Health is also deeply committed to developing and sharing knowledge surrounding the emerging science of cannabinoid medicine with the wider veterinary industry to ensure safe, effective and responsible use of these products as they become available in the veterinary market place.