Thriving People

At Mars Veterinary Health, we provide care unlike any other, not only for pets but for people too. From our valued veterinary teams that dedicate their lives to caring for pets, to the pet owners who place their trust in us, people are at the heart of all that we do.

Mars Veterinary Health Sustainable Culture of Wellbeing

Thriving People

The connection between pets and humans is undeniable. Supporting, strengthening, and maintaining these amazing relationships through quality care is what keeps us going on the hard days. To ensure our veterinary teams can continue to provide unrivaled care and thrive in a fulfilling work environment, we must provide unrivaled care and support for them in return.

At Mars Veterinary Health, we are dedicated to making A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS and the people who care for them. We believe that starts with equity, inclusion & diversity, and taking a holistic approach to supporting our 70,000+ Associates’ health and wellbeing, particularly combatting inherent mental health challenges faced by veterinary professionals.

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Giving back is in our nature

We are committed to giving back to our Associates and the communities we serve. From our BETTER TOGETHER FUND that provides financial assistance to veterinary professionals in times of crisis, to our charitable arms that provide assistance to pets and people in need, giving back is in our nature.

In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mars Veterinary Health businesses and affiliated public charities helped enable access to veterinary care for more than 525,000 pets around the world.

We are also committed to providing financial support and discounts to hundreds of shelters, animal welfare groups and other non-profit partners, helping make critical care more accessible to pet owners and to help sustain shelter-driven community programs.

Vet Tails

Our Vet Tails series brings you stories, news and insights from our veterinary teams around the world.

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Mental health & wellbeing

Being happy and healthy is just as important for our Associates as it is for pets.

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Vet Tail

Equity, Inclusion
& Diversity

How we are actively approaching equality, inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

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Our commitment
to pet owners

It’s a very special honor when a pet owner puts their trust in us, and one we never take for granted. Whether it is through preventive medicine and routine care or emergency situations and more complex conditions, we aim to provide pet owners with peace of mind, comfort and positive experiences throughout their pet’s life – personalizing care at every visit.

We’re also investing in new technologies that bring pet owners and veterinarians closer. Our telehealth platform, for example, provides pet owners with “digital first” care that enables them to access professional advice from credentialed veterinary professionals without leaving home.