Pet Wellbeing

Our love for pets goes beyond traditional veterinary care. Through our global family of veterinary hospitals and advanced diagnostics, we provide a spectrum of veterinary services. Our care goes far beyond our own doors. Through rehoming efforts, spay and neuter programs, and the provision of care to local houseless people and their pets, we support 2.5 million pets in need around the world every year.

Mars Veterinary Health Data Driven Care and Diagnostics

Blazing a trail in data-driven care and diagnostics

In collaboration with experts across Mars Petcare, scientists at WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, and external research partners, we equip the veterinary industry with the data and resources that can help to prevent illnesses instead of treating them.

Our pioneering diagnostics tools are helping our veterinary teams deliver proactive care in every practice. One such diagnostic tool, RenalTech, helps veterinarians diagnose chronic kidney disease in cats well before the disease becomes clinically apparent. Developed by Mars Veterinary Health scientists and Antech Diagnostics, this is just one example of the many predictive tools we have in the pipeline.

Pet care through a new lens

We are also accelerating the pace of molecular genetics through MyDogDNA, a tool that detects genetic health markers and helps veterinarians to deliver individualized, targeted and timely preventive pet care. Through the development of diagnostics, the harnessing of data insights and the application of agile technologies such as artificial intelligence, we are advancing preventive pet health and improving the lives of millions of pets around the world.

Accessible and affordable pet care for all

We believe that people and pets are better together. That’s why we are making the future of accessible and affordable pet care a priority. Our pet wellness plans help pet owners to predict the cost of veterinary care, helping to reduce the financial impact of pet ownership.