Everything we do is focused on creating the world we want tomorrow – and the world we want tomorrow is a more sustainable world for all. Using our influence to drive change at scale, we’re transforming our business in ways that protect the environment and drive positive change throughout the veterinary profession.

Mars Veterinary Health Positive Climate Action

We're taking positive climate action

We’re improving our environmental pawprint by taking a science-led approach to reducing carbon emissions across our operations. By rethinking our standards of practice and switching to renewable energy in our hospitals and clinics, we can reduce our footprint and the environmental impact of our operations. We’re focused on reducing our carbon footprint by 27% by 2025, and reaching net zero emissions from our operations by 2040.

But it is a continuous program of transformative action that is required to address the climate crisis in the long-term, and we are rising to this challenge. By 2025, our goal is for 100% of our hospitals to be powered by renewable energy sources. The numbers speak for themselves; just one minute of wind turbine energy is enough to power 36 veterinary visits. Ensuring that all of our hospitals are powered by renewable energy is a significant first step in our sustainability roadmap and one of many we are taking to drive greener business growth and reach carbon neutrality by 2040.

Closing the packaging waste loop

Waste disposal has a huge impact on the environment. Our vision for the future is a circular economy in which no packaging or consumables go to waste. Our most critical circularity goals are to establish recycling infrastructure and programs at 100% of our sites by 2025 and work towards reducing our non-hazardous waste by at least 50% by 2030. By removing packaging we don’t need, exploring reuse models and closing the packaging waste loop with recycling systems, we can help to build a circular economy where packaging never becomes a waste product.

Healthy Planet

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Our wind

Our wind farms provide enough energy to power 36 vet visits per minute.

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Antibiotic resistance

We're preserving the power of antimicrobials and cutting the use of antibiotics in our practices.

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Paper consumption

We’ve been working to reduce our paper consumption, with Banfield reducing by 34% in 2020.

Preserving the power of antimicrobials

Antibiotic resistance and antibiotic prescribing are inextricably linked. As veterinary professionals, we play a vital role in reducing the need for antibiotics and limiting opportunities for antimicrobial resistant strains to develop. During 2021 and beyond, our focus will be on demonstrating responsible pharmaceutical stewardship, particularly in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. Incorrect use and overuse of antibiotics is a major driver of resistance. Our mission is to cut the use of antibiotics across our practices as part of our effort to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.