Mar, 2021

The use of antibiotics has declined by almost 50 percent in AniCura’s European veterinary hospitals

In a five-year period, the use of antibiotics in AniCura’s veterinary hospitals and clinics in Europe has declined with almost 50 percent. This is shown in the yearly survey conducted by AniCura, one of Europe’s leading high-quality veterinary care providers. The study is presented in connection with World Antibiotics Awareness Week, a global initiative to spread knowledge about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats to animal and public health.

AniCura consists of 350 veterinary hospitals in 13 countries and presents today its European study on antibiotic use in their practices. The 2020 study is based on 23,000 dogs, where 8% received antibiotics ranging between 5 to 14 % during the measured week.

By intensifying our actions, sharing of improvements among clinics and promoting role-models for wiser antimicrobial use, AniCura is confident to reach its goal of 5% antibiotic use in 2030. This is well aligned with the strategy set by AniCura’s parent company, Mars Veterinary Health, says Ulrika Grönlund, Medical Quality Manager at AniCura.

This is part of AniCura´s ambition to make a better world for pets by shaping the future of veterinary care. Since the survey started five years ago, an additional four countries has been included in the study.

I am very pleased to see a significant reduction of antibiotic use in our clinics over the past five years. The main drivers behind this decline is our repeated measurements which have created awareness and improved best-practice sharing for wiser antibiotic use on a global scale. The work of reducing the antibiotics use, to counteract the spread of resistant bacteria is a high priority for us, says Ulrika Grönlund, Medical Quality Manager at AniCura.

AniCura is now introducing a new digital dashboard, where each clinic gets a visual view on their antibiotics use; what substances they prescribed, for what indications, and how they use diagnostic tools.

Thereby, the veterinarians at AniCura can become aware of their prescribing behaviors and in combination with AniCura’s newly launched recommendations, they can both increase their knowledge and change in attitudes on how they use antibiotics today.